The World’s First Hammock, Sleeping Pad & Beach Blanket All-In-One

The HangPad™ is the most feature packed hammock ever made.

This incredible hammock includes:

         ✅  Insulated Hammock
         ✅  Double-Wide Sleeping Pad
         ✅  Waterproof Beach Blanket
         ✅  Adjustable Pillow
         ✅  Built-in Tree Straps
         ✅  Integrated Carabiners
         ✅  QuickPump™ Stuff Sack

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The Most Comfortable Hammock Ever Made

The HangPad’s designed to make the outdoors feel as comfortable as your own bed.

Its Innovative Inflatable Design insulates you from the elements while the air pressure gives your shoulders extra room so you can wake refreshed wherever adventure takes you.

Double-Wide Sleeping Pad For When There Are No Trees Around

Experience the ultimate in versatility with the HangPad's integrated Double-Wide Insulated Sleeping Pad.

Whether you're hammocking or lining your tent, enjoy comfort and convenience.

Wide enough to share or revel in extra space for your solo adventures.

A Beach Blanket That Keeps You Dry

Keep moisture, dirt, sand and grass at bay when using the HangPad as a Waterproof Beach Blanket.

Crafted from premium, abrasion resistant nylon so you can enjoy a picnic in the grass or a relaxing day on the beach knowing you'll always stay dry.

All-In-One Hammock

Maximize efficiency, save space and revel in incredible value.

HangPad™ Quality Construction, Versatile Design, Built for Adventure

Fully Adjustable Pillow Engineered For Optimal Comfort

The Integrated Adjustable Pillow boasts its own air valve, enabling you to customize the firmness for a perfect night's sleep.

No need for bulky pillows in your bag as the HangPad’s is built-in.

Sets Up In Seconds

Effortlessly inflate your HangPad in seconds with the Oversized Waterproof QuickPump™ Stuff Sack

Not only does it provide speedy inflation, but we designed it to accommodate more than just the HangPad, ensuring convenience and protection for all your outdoor essentials.

Great Design Is In The Details

The Swiss Army Knife Of Hammocks

This All-In-One package combines an inflatable hammock, double-wide sleeping pad, adjustable pillow, waterproof beach blanket, built-in tree straps, carabiners & an oversized waterproof QuickPump™ stuff sack. 

Embrace convenience and elevate your outdoor adventures with the HangPad.

Technical Specs

Grab Your 50% Discount Now!

Limited VIP Invites! Secure your spot on launch day. Act fast, offer ends soon!